What we do

Digital Search & Selection


As the pace of change in the digital industry accelerates, so too must the skills of those delivering the cutting-edge digital propositions and technical solutions that provide a sustained competitive advantage.

We understand the challenges this presents to our clients and we widen our searches accordingly. Selecting not just from the UK but from a global talent pool to find candidates with the skills to make a real difference.

By working closely with our clients, we become more than simply a recruitment service. We become true partners, acting as an extension to their brand and assisting them in identifying their most important resource of all – their people.

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Our vision & beliefs

We have a clear and simple vision: to offer every candidate and client a level of service we would expect ourselves.

We believe talent is the key to sustaining a successful business and setting an organisation apart from its competitors. And we believe that by acting with and through their brand, we help our clients attract world-class talent to drive that competitive advantage.

Proactive Sourcing

Years of specialisation in digital has allowed us to build up an exceptional network of candidates.

We believe in making things happen. It is our proactive approach to search and selection that gives us such strong, ongoing relationships with individuals who can make a real difference to the fortunes of our clients.

We take those relationships extremely seriously. As we do our responsibility to find and recruit the best on behalf of the companies who draw on our skills.

International Reach

Atherton Stone is a global recruitment specialist. We look beyond international boundaries to tap into a worldwide talent pool of candidates who are the very best in their class.

We understand that finding the right candidate, regardless of where they are, is essential to success and have relocated candidates from Asia, America and even further afield to meet specific assignment criteria.